What’s the story…?

Number Three is a group of like minded people who look at life and the world around them in a different way. From identity and individuality to the things that you might not normally see, we simply want to bring the stuff we find interesting to interesting people.

A view; differently

With ever-encroaching ‘globalisation’ and the same old shop-fronts dominating the high street - and towns and villages for that matter, it’s harder and harder to find something that’s original and worth a second look.

We like what we find down the odd side-street or what we spy from the top deck of a bus.  It’s easy to simply walk on by and not even notice the variety and diversity of local culture.  But take a  ‘wrong’  turn and you might just enter a totally different world,  full of surprises and with it’s own very different character.

Just so you know, ‘side-street’ is our euphemism for anything that’s off the beaten track, whether it’s arts, culture or fashion, etc.

We’re also a bit obsessed with vistas; something you see from a distance, from abandoned avenues of trees to the simple but breath-taking delight of seeing something from a different angle. Using your neck muscles can sometimes reveal a memorable view.